The Bible prescribes a team style of leadership for the local church.  We have Elders who are seasoned ministers from around the country, who act as a means of accountability, stability and support for our church.  Our Senior Pastor is Michael Kenon who has a prophetic and healing ministry.  Michael was saved and filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost at the age of 16.  His ministry began in 1995 under the leadership of the late Elder James L. Sanders (Greater Sanders Temple Church of God in Christ) of Indianapolis, IN.  Pastor Sanders was a praying, holy man of God who sought for the anointing that Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, founder of the Church of God in Christ, had on his life.  Pastor Sanders had a prophetic, healing anointing on his life, and also raised people from the dead, with the power of prayer.  So therefore, Michael was taught the principles of holiness and how to live a productive lifestyle, that gave him the confidence, that God would hear his prayers and requests at all times, by seeking the Lord while He may be found, (Is 55:6).  Pastor Kenon opened up Christ Our Healer Ministries in November 2005.

Pastor Kenon is also the husband of Prophetess Annette Kenon, who is a traveling evangelist.  Annette's ministry started in her early twenties and was personally trained in ministry as a national evangelist, by the late Bishop John Dell Husband, general board member of the Church of God in Christ.  She also has received her honorary doctorate of divinity degree through the D.D. Mungo Theological Seminary in SC.  Annette is another prophetic voice in this end time, sometimes referred to as the eagle eye prophetess, she can see in the spirit and give you what thus says the Lord, truly a gift to the body of Christ.  Annette has also played an important part in Michael's life that gave him a lot of experience, before he opened up Christ Our Healer, that will never be forgotten.

Michael & Annette have 2 daughters and 3 grand children.  They are both ordained by the Global Evangelistic Network of Tallahassee, FL, under the auspices of Bishop Joseph L. Brown.  Together they bring over thirty years of ministry experience to Christ Our Healer Ministries.

Pastors Michael & Annette Kenon

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